Paid to click

September 21, 2010

Hey guys Justin here to give you a little review on the new PTC called Atlascash . At its almost the same as NeoBux and OnBux but has a few extra features. Such as paid referrals, you can pay other members i think 0.10 to sigh up for other sites you may have. This site is very new and just started. They offer $0.01 a click and your referrals $0.05. and memberships go up to $0.02 and referrals there are Alot of different level up methods. they offer instant payouts after $2.00 So far it has been promising. so we will have to see how it turns out. The layout is great and everything is easy to understand so give it a shot. just like any other PTC you need to get referrals to get a good income off of them.. So please Join in my link and send me a msg if you would like I'm only human.

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